What led me back to comics was a journey I'd first taken at fourteen. I was drawing with my best friend Billy who was also a good Artist.

My brother also helped out, tracing and drawing. There we were complete with a stack of marvel comics next to us. Billy and Jimmy drew a few strips, but I completed in a few days. I think my first full color, Twenty-page comic book called "The Fly". Not realizing a genius named Jack Kirby beat me by about thirty years, and had the copyright.

Career's and minds change all the time, but entering the world of Comics isn't as easy as it looks. You have to be a little of everything: Architect, Visionary, a Storyteller, Movie Director, Michelangelo's
sculptor, Portrait Artist and Actor. Since I'm self taught the path was all the more challenging.

Around 1995 an old friend asked for my help in a horror film he was making. It was a great experience playing a mugger ,the phantom of the Opera, and comic book artist?

The second hurdle was working on a comic of the movie. For free, yet Santo, my comic cohort, a graduate of Pratt needed me to help out with the pencils, inks and whiting out mistakes on pages. I'd never used a
t-square or comic page in my life. Oh, and gluing down word bubbles Santo would printout from the computer. I guess our meeting was fated to happen. As I'd gotten back into comics since 94'. Being rejected from an eleven page (two weeks work) submission for some company I'd never heard of , in Vancouver.

That's when "The Mysterious Woodsman", an original character came about. After the film finished, I'd purchased some official Comicbook pages, rapidographs, inks, watercolors, brushes, templates, t-squares and I was on my way forward.

Sometimes ashamed to admit the woodsman 107 pg. full color graphic novel took ten years to complete. After all it was my first book since fourteen, and I was between working in a few independent movies, and many wonderful paintings. Now looking back I'm certainly glad I took my time figuring out my epic story. Knowing it was something no one could take away from me.-Enjoy!

Robert a. Falls

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