the mysterious woodsman vol.#1 is the first of many graphic novels .soon to be coming your up is a movie-length screwball comedy called "hotel distortion".which will be for sale at comicbook stores in manhattan.most likely at midtown comics,and will also be available on this website.

Unlike, the mysterious woodsman. Hotel distortion comes with a Hollywood "R" rating and no one under the age of eighteen will be admitted. This unique graphic is from an underground,independent movie. That's very john waters-like, and has bizarre humor, dark photo realistic graphics. Complete with sex, drug use ,and swearing present. Similar,probably to some of the d c vertigo stuff, now hitting the shelves.

So fanboys/fangirls.we're enthusiastically starting off with a graphic for kids of all ages.then,in the coming over-eighteen tale of a canvas painter.who moves into a what he thought was a peaceful anything but,and the laughs are will also feature production tales of the making of the more complete movie.a photo gallery of it's talented,but unknown stars.---stay tuned----

the mysterious woodsman (synopsis)

it was the summer of 1982.high up in the colorado rockies.two hired criminals who kidnapped a baby boy.a boy saught to have the world's largest lungs is a prize to one rich collector.who will pay the kidnappers ,a huge ransom.the son of a legendary mountain man's bloodline.of the father,major nicholas claine.

on a rainy night,the two criminals venture into a dark cave.only to find
it is the home of two ferocious tiger cats (bobcats).out of nowhere,a grizzly bear appears.then, killing the leader(simon boesly).while the other abductor (mill stiggs)leaves the boy with the cats.terrified,stiggs flees for his life.then,the curious but loving cats adopt the boy as their own.

years pass,as a chickatoma brave(naginn)of a mysterious lost tribe while gathering food.witnesses a pale-faced young,wild boy,who appears to be a meat-eating hunter.unlike the chickatomans.goes back to camp to tell living in the forest is no life for a little boy.then,as night falls.tacoma and his braves.go to the cave with the two cats still there.
distracting the cats with food and capture with much struggle the wild boy,to then raise him in civilization,and to suppress his wildness,his meat-eating a more humane vegetarian lifestyle.

the boy is adopted by the native american leader redbird,who thinks of marcus as he's named,like a  son.not realizing that this is his real name ,by birth.down below the mountain his heartbroken biological father conducts a mass search.with the help of the colorado state police.

marcus,now on patrol with redbird is led to find a strange but untarnished the very same cave his bobcat parents raised him.then after seeing a dead,brutalized coyote.agrees to undergo an intense training to further increase his coming powers.

Then, after recognizing his dead bobcat father after missing and seeking enraged with revenge tracks the cowardly hunter kills him in self-defense.but a mysterious brave witnesses the event, in secret. squeals his
findings to the high chickatoman council. now,headed by a power hungry queen (highfeather). who is the mother of princess littlefeather,marcus's
own childhood sweetheart. highfeather issues the deadliest penalty.a life and death trial.who if marcus claine(the mysterious woodsman)can survive.then ,will be deemed innocent.

his greatest adventure of all-what will happen?


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