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Welcome To Cinematic Comics. Cinematic Comics is an Alternative, Independent Company. A Company whose on a Mission to provide spectacular, if not Solid reading Fantasy Material to an Aching Public that clamors for something that inspires dreams, laughter, Romance, Action-Adventure, and Horror/Sci-Fi Tales.

In Our View, the Mainstream provides very little in Comic Entertainment that has Real American Values, Ideals or Integrity.

At Present, There seems very little sense in flooding the buyers market with ten issues of the same character/characters that seem to show blood, guns, gore, violence for no reason, disrespect for law and order, disrespect for women, disrespect for society in general and have barely any ideas or imagination - and all looks the Sell out Same!

Computers are one of the main reasons and to separate ourselves from the mediocre pack, it is time, my friends, to go back to the roots of comic greatness, towards the highest standards ever in some thirty years plus - Much similar to the great 1960's Renaissance Marvel Silver Age! However, with a New but similar hip ness - high into the future!

All of our Upcoming books will adhere to the highest standards of Comic-Dom! With no computer graphics, except for text cause that's faster (of course!). Brining back bold, hand-done penciling, inking and water coloring...and best of all..at the most affordable prices!

Either we maintain this lofty goal or we promise to retire out of sight!

Never heard from again! After all, you can always go back to the darkness but not always, or ever into the light! New Heroes are needed! Because at Cinematic Comics, We care about You - the Fanboy/Fangirl reader has long searched for, but hasn't found in years so you can stop looking right now!

Moms, Dads, Fanboys, Fangirls - Generation X-ers, Generation Y'ers! Bratpackers everywhere, Give us a Try!

Stay Tuned: We are getting ready to Unveil a BRAND NEW SUPERHERO for our first SMASH Issue!  Make Sure to Subscribe to our newsletter to be the very first to know about our NEWEST Comic Book!

Welcome aboard Dear Friends! Think for Thyselves! IGNORE the Mediocre Mainstream and say "NO" to Nihilism!






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Here are some cool testimonials from Top Comics Pros in thd industry in Regards to the 'Mysterious Woodsman!"

Paul Gulacy Comic Artist of "Master of Kung Fu""Sabre""Six From Sirius""Slash Maraud"&"DC's's "Batman" said: "Fucking great! If you're not a cult figure now-- you're on your way to being one, dude.See Paul's Website Here:  www.gulacy.com





Ladronn of Marvel's Cable, Fantastic Four, DC's "Superman" & his own creation "Hip Flask & Elephant Men" said :

"The Mysterious Woodsman.  A great story and a surprising art in perfect harmony"








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Robert A. Falls
c/o Cinematic Comics
Ansonia Station, P.O Box 230625
New York, N.Y 10023-0065
Ph: (212) 595-8479

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